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Step 1: Register Online

Participation in the extra loyalty programme is free. You will receive 100 free points to get you started when you register online only

Remember to fill in ALL the sections of the registration form with accurate information then click the submit button.

You will receive a registration confirmation by email, which will include your access I.D code and password. Please keep this in a safe place

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Step 2: Purchase Eligible Products

Your extra points are credited to your account throughout the year, each time you purchase eligible automotive products from authorised wholesalers.

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Visit our website regularly to find out about updates to our rewards and special offers.

The onus rests on the Participants to ensure that the wholesaler reports all purchase data of Eligible Products to Bosch to be entered into the IT platform in order that points are correctly allocated. (click here for T&Cs)

Transactions must be recorded into the Programme within six months after the date of invoice, failing which it will be forfeited (click here for T&Cs)

Step 3: Choose Your Rewards

Review your current points total anytime , Log in using your access I.D code and password.

Once you reach a minimum of 750 points you can start redeeming your rewards during the redemption period.

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How to redeem

To start the redemption, you must be logged in. You can only redeem your extra points during our redemption periods which are in April and October of every year.

You can redeem part of the points or all the points, our rewards selection can be found here

Please Note as per the extra loyalty terms and conditions, your points will expire after 18 months from the date of issuance of points (click here for T&Cs)